Why we are not brokers?

Finance is a service industry built on people making decisions. We found that having a deep relationship with one leading lender that will stand behind our clients leads to a better client experience.

The benefit of focusing on one good relationship has been most prevalent over the past few years as many people struggled to obtain finance during a period of credit tightening. A loyal and caring relationship with single lender highlighted the importance of reciprocal loyalty and commitment. The alternative was observed when relationships were based on numbers. 

We hold an Australian Credit Licence No. 393859 and can assist you in borrowing money to achieve your financial goals. Through our knowledge and strategic relationship, we are able to provide you with access to funds at competitive rates for a variety of personal and business purposes. View our Credit Guide.

Funds can be obtained for:

  • Purchase of a business
  • Finance of investment property
  • Re-financing and consolidating debts
  • Purchasing your own home