Renewing Your Service Agreement

Regulations require us to renew our terms of arrangement at expiry of two years. The law requires you to respond within 30 days of receiving the renewal notice. By renewing our agreement, the terms of our agreement continue and the fees paid for the service we provide remain unchanged.

Your responsibility to act:

You must respond within 30 days in order to continue receiving our service and for the ongoing fee arrangement to remain in place.
– If you do not respond or discontinue our arrangement within 30 days:
– The ongoing fee arrangement will terminate and
– No further service will be provided or fees charged, and
– We will cease our Portfolio Service (Ongoing Investment Management).
Even after you renew our agreement, our agreement can be cancelled anytime by either party after providing a written notice of 30 days.

Renewing our Ongoing Service Agreement

If you renew our agreement, the terms of our agreement continue for you and your related entities.
If you choose not to renew the Ongoing Services or do not respond within 30 days of the date of renewal notice your ongoing service agreement will be cancelled.

What is not covered under our Portfolio Service (Ongoing Investment Management)

  • The requirement of a new personal advice document resulting from a future event that may affect your personal financial situation.
  • Personal advice document for a matter not connected to the investment(s) under our supervision.
  • Personal advice document for any matter not covered under Portfolio Service (Ongoing Investment Management).

Termination of Agreement

To mitigate any possible risk of loss resulting from exposure to unsupervised investments and avoid responsibility of day to day supervision, operating and management decisions you can;
1. provide details of your new licensed financial adviser that will assume the responsibility of providing ongoing financial services to you
and or
2. provide us with sell instructions to redeem all investments under our supervision and converted to cash.

To make selection, please complete your instructions by email to adviser or by clicking on this weblink link;

Assumed Responsibility

In the event you ignore the renewal notice or do not renew our agreement and fail to provide details of new financial adviser or sell instructions to redeem your investments we manage within 30 days of the date of renewal notice;
– On termination of our agreement your financial adviser representative(s) of Australian National Consulting Pty Ltd and its licensor ANC Wealth Pty Ltd are released from any responsibility or claims made after the lapsed date (30 days after renewal date).
– No ongoing fee shall be payable to the financial adviser after 60 days from the date of renewal notice.

Need for future advice

It is likely that there will be changes in your personal needs and objectives, financial situation, as well as changes in the economy, government legislation and market conditions that may require you to seek our services for a new financial plan. Therefore, it is important for you to contact us when you feel it is necessary to seek financial advice.

The preparation of a future financial plan (Statement of Advice Document) will be on a Fee for Service basis. The actual cost of advice will depend on your specific situation and the extent of the advice which will be discussed and agreed with you at that time. Currently, financial planning advice is charged at an hourly rate of $220 inclusive of GST.