Professional development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) keeps you up-to-date with knowledge and the skills required to maintain your practicing certificate. It also provides you with the skills and knowledge to remains relevant in an ever changing and developing industry. Practicing accountants must show commitment to their CPD program by attending a minimum standard of training.

Development Program

We provide the following training to accountants.

Technical Workshops

Boardroom meeting type events to provide a broad range of topics that help you update your knowledge on legislative changes, strategies and solutions.

Discussion Forum

We offer the opportunity to meet and discuss and brainstorm ideas, problems and opportunities that may affect your clients or business with other like minded professionals.

Technical Updates

We provide you with 3 minute email readings that serve as reminders, legislative changes and tips and traps to help you in your daily business duties.

News Letters

There is something romantic about receiving a hard copy newsletters. Most of our hard copy mail are bills, so its nice to receive an an a hard copy document full of good ideas and fun topics. We will send you complimentary up to 4 newsletters per year. We can also make this available to your clients.

Our Journey together.

Wherever stage you are at, we will work together towards a better future.

Professional Development

The Power of Knowledge

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”

Thomas Huxley