Our team

Senior Planner

Michael Kakaras has over 20 years experience as a financial adviser, he has a distinguished capability in assisting high net worth people plan and manage their financial affairs.

In addition, Michael has a high level of engagement in technical support and training for industry peers and accounting professionals.

In pursuit of ongoing development, in 2016 Michael participated in a leadership program at Stanford University (Graduate School of Business).  Michael plays an active role in the development of the financial services industry and has received recognition for his determination and work in the areas of superannuation, investment and risk management.

Our Firm

Australian National Consulting began with a simple idea and desire; to help people become financially independent.

The idea started back in 1990, when the founder Michael Kakaras observed that his parents (father, a chef and restaurateur & his mother, part time tea lady at a school) were fast approaching retirement. His parents who spent their entire careers working, paying down debt and bringing up a family were confronted with a daunting financial question; How will they fund their retirement income needs?

Michael observed a common pattern, that people miss opportunities to become financially independent because they don’t have the patience, knowledge, time or inclination.

This inspired Michael to start a company that can provide strategy solutions to create wealth and implement commonsense supervision of assets service to ensure assets remain well diversified and sound.

Today we pride ourselves with a highly trained team delivering high-level financial services without losing sight of our core value proposition.