Changing jobs

Starting a new job or changing employers has a major effect on pretty much all aspects of family finances.

Changing Job or Career?

Before changing you need to consider the following;

  • Assess if you are happy with you current employment and its benefits.
  • Evaluate the new employment benefits offered.
  • Address all the necessary issues to ensure a smooth transition.
Your Superannuation Pension entitlement, the personal life and disability insurance you rely on for your family, along with other medical insurance and the company car are all affected by a move up the career ladder.

If you take on contract work or become self-employed, you will often find that you are sacrificing many of the traditional employee perks you had previously enjoyed. Either you will have to replace or live without them.

If you decide to leave make sure you don’t leave your Superannuation behind, make sure you maintain adequate personal and medical insurance.

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Planning ahead can pay!

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Having a plan can mean the diference between being able to obtain credit or claim on an insurance policy. Changing jobs without planning ahead can leave you worse off.

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