Family and children

You may have thought about it before your child was even born, perhaps while you were shopping for a bassinet and a pram. At any rate, you probably started thinking about it when your child was very young. After all, it’s two of the major responsibilities you face as a parent:

  • funding your child’s education and
  • a deposit for their first home

Personal growth and expanded horizons are reason enough to send a child to a reputable school and university for a good education, but there are more practical considerations, too. It may be evidently true that a good education may provide an opportunity for more jobs to choose from, and more money. That makes education very important for your child’s future.

Start Early, Early, Early

As a parent with an eye to the future you should start early to save for your child’s education. School fees have risen consistently for the past 10 years, and there’s little reason to think this trend will reverse itself. Most cost estimates predict annual increases of 5% or more.

Your Children’s Future Begins with You!

Planting a small investment today can make a large impact in your child’s success.

Invest in your children

Setting the pathway for your child’s future.

Did you know that you can obtain tax benefits when saving for your child’ education. Yes, you understood correctly, the Australian taxation system provides incentives for saving for your child’s futre education costs.
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